If you toss me onto an island–and sometimes I wouldn’t blame you if you did–just leave me with a pen and pad of paper. That’s really all I need. I need to write. I’ve kept a daily journal since I was 12 (and still have them all–not sure why since I’ve never reread them!). In my twenties I wrote angsty love poems and horrifyingly bad screenplays. It wasn’t until my first son was born in 1990 that I hit a wall and decided to try a creative exercise. Breaking free of the strict structural confines of scripts, I opened up the floodgates and just told the story of my heart. It turned into a 650-page manuscript that I loved! I’d found my medium. I’ve written countless novels since then. They’ve evolved from Women’s Fiction to contemporary single title, as I turned from a woman-who-writes-to-stay-sane-and-happy into a professional writer. Most recently, I penned a Young Adult, which is currently a Golden Heart finalist.

I live in Connecticut with my wildly supportive, generous, kind, and honorable husband, 4 kids, and 2 very naughty kitties.


4 responses to “Bio

  1. I got CHILLS reading about your phone call from Maggi! I was so happy when I saw your name on the GH list.


  2. Sharon

    So glad you won the Golden Heart! You’re an inspiration to writers everywhere!


  3. cat brackett

    Hi–just checking out the site, the blog, the action AND being supportive!! Things are looking good, Suzanne! In a few years, Miss Daisy will be a brilliant guest blogger for you guys!

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