That Voodoo that You Do is a 90,000-word YA novel about that first, fierce love. When jock stud Matt Sutter is called into the principal’s office, along with brainy artist Castle Parkhurst, the two are shocked to learn they’re missing enough credits to keep them from graduating. Matt’s avoided art—total waste of time—and Cassie’s skipped a few gym classes. Is she really going to play dodge ball when she’s trying to get into an Ivy League school?

But Matt’s looking to get recruited, and Cassie’s hoping to get into a prestigious summer program. Neither can take a risk. So, when the principal offers a deal to make up credits if they work together—Matt teaching her fitness, Cassie teaching him art—they take it. Unfortunately, they have very different styles. Matt, who’s focused on training, tries to avoid actual meetings. They can get the work done on their own. Cassie treats the project with the seriousness of a college application. She might be a little over the top.

Turns out their time together isn’t a waste of time. In fact, Matt goes pretty quickly from pushing Cassie away to fighting his desire to be with her. With her irreverent attitude and snarky mouth, she’s unlike anyone he’s ever met. She opens up a whole new world to him, and he’s finding her impossible to resist. Cassie, who has always thought of herself as fiercely independent, comes to see her choices through Matt’s eyes. Has she always been her mother’s puppet?

Both their parents fight to keep them apart. Matt’s father pushes him to stay focused on training, so he can be a starting player. Cassie’s mother doesn’t want her to wind up like her—a single mother who missed out on living her dreams. But something special is going on here, something neither can deny, and the deeper their bond grows, the closer they come to their authentic selves. Once they touch the hot core of their own hearts, nothing can stop them from being together.


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